Mentorship and Special Programs

World Tree Lyceum is excited to be able to offer a number of special programs and individual mentorship opportunities.

We offer a year and a day of mentoring as part of our World Tree Lyceum Program, in addition to our regularly scheduled classes. There are a very limited number of places each year -- if we're full when you contact us, we'll be happy to put you on our waiting list for the next available spot. For more information, see our mentoring section, below.

We currently have two special class packages: a discounted class package (four individual classes for the price of three), and an all-inclusive "passport" package that includes complete access to every class, event and seminar we offer during a year and a day, plus a mentorship program.

Finally, we will be offering a series of special-topic seminars, podcasts and webinars, starting around Beltaine, facilitated by Claudia Manifest.

Our Mentoring Program

What does mentoring involve?

You will work with one of our two mentors, Raven or Chelidon, depending on availability, your location in the world and what focus you wish to place on the mentoring you receive. For example, you might desire to deepen your relationship with the elements, delve into various forms of divination, or challenge yourself to step into community priestessing. We will work together to figure out which of our mentors will be the best match for your needs. This is a relationship where you are able to ask for and receive guidance with your own work, and thus we expect that you will have an idea of what your personal work is (though we may be able to help you refine your focus if that is desired).

Once we have determined who you will be working with, we will start the process with an hour-long one-on-one Skype/phone call to discuss your needs and determine what guidance we can best offer. After that point, we ask that you check in with us twice a month -- once by email and once in a monthly hour-long Skype/Phone call. We will be also available for urgent queries, and will offer suggestions and guidance and sometimes various work which might take the form of ideas for you to research and explore, exercises, reading or ritual.

In order to be able to devote sufficient time and attention to each of our students we do have very limited places, limited to those who are currently taking workshops with World Tree Lyceum or have taken workshops with either Raven or Chelidon in the past.

This is not strictly speaking a teaching relationship -– we are here to guide you in your own work and offer suggestions, encouragement and ideas for further exploration.

We are dedicated to making this work accessible, while also honoring the time-intensive nature of a one-on-one mentorship relationship, so this program is provided on a sliding scale of between USD$20-50 per month. If you would like further information about our mentorship program, or to receive an application form, please contact us at

Class Packages

We are committed to making this work as accessible as possible, and towards this goal we are offering two packages for those who wish to take multiple World Tree Lyceum classes in a single year, and make that work more easily affordable.

Full "Passport"

Our first package includes complete access to all current and future classes over the period of a year and a day (we typically add two new classes each year), our one-on-one mentorship program, and access to all special programs, online events and webinars. The year and a day begins either with the start of the first class, or the first mentorship session. This package is available for either $600/year or $55 monthly.

Four for Three

For those who want to take at least four classes, but who do not need the all-inclusive package, we are offering the opportunity to take any four classes for the price of three (if the classes have different prices, the least expensive class will be the free one).You will need to let us know in advance which four classes you’re committing to, since we might not be able to make changes to class sizes later on. You get first priority and guaranteed placement in each class you choose. If your year and a day period crosses into a new calendar year and we haven't yet published the class calendar for that year, we will work with you to help you choose your classes (to let you know roughly when upcoming classes will be scheduled).

If you would like further information about our class packages, or to schedule either package, please contact us at


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Special Events

Starting around Beltaine, Claudia Manifest will be facilitating a series of webinars and special online events. We will be hosting a number of priest/esses from a variety of backgrounds for 90 minute sessions: 60 minutes of discussion with Claudia followed by 30 minutes of Q&A. We will offer the option to join the call live or download a recording later on.

In addition, we will be scheduling some special-topic seminars, podcasts, and potentially at least one in-person event at our retreat in the woods of New Hampshire, USA. More information will be posted here as we schedule these events, and if you would like advance notice, please follow our Facebook page, or sign up for our mailing list