What Is A Mystery School?

Historically, a Mystery School is a religious school where training and participation is reserved to initiates, and the work is characterized by the hierarchical and formalized transmission of secret knowledge. The root of "mystery," the Latin mysterium and Greek mysterion, has to do with secret rituals, teaching and doctrines.

Among the most famous Mystery Schools from the ancient world were the Eleusinian Mysteries, the Mithraic Mysteries, the Dionysian Mysteries, and the Mysteries of Isis. There are countless Mystery Schools throughout history that we shall never know fully, or sometimes even in part, because their intiates took their doctrines and mysteries to the grave.

But that is not the only type of Mystery School.

Our Mysteries

The greatest and deepest mysteries cannot be put into words, or rituals, or lore. They are found by the seeker through their seeking, and the purpose of the school is to help the seeker in their journey, to give them the tools and means to find their own way through the wilderness, along the paths only they can find.

In short, that is what we offer. There are mysteries here, very many, very deep mysteries. But they cannot be taught, only experienced. Truth is not found in a book, it is found within. That does not mean that the learning does not matter -- it surely does. But learning is a way to find our way to the truth, not the truth itself. "The map is not the territory" -- you cannot take a journey by running your finger along the map, you must actually walk the path yourself, step by step, learning from the greatest teacher of all, the natural world around us.

The map does matter, because it can help us find our way. It can indicate what lies ahead, though every map has its limits -- you may see that there is a mountain ahead, with a trail over to the other side, but not know that the bridge is washed out, or that there is a helpful crow or a wise woman in the woods ahead. For that information, other kinds of knowledge are needed. Myths and stories, tools and training, guidance and time, are just some of the signposts.

What We Do

We may be able to help you find your way. Or, perhaps at least get you pointed in the right direction, with a map, and a compass, and a loaf of bread baked by a wise woman.

We have been living in the woods for some time now, and we recognize a fellow traveller. Most of the mysteries that we teach are maps and tools, and sometimes, food. Each of them is different, and each can be used in many ways. Some of us need a compass, and others, a mirror. Some need to learn to let go of burdens from the past that drag our steps, and others need to remember that they know how to dance. Some need to dare to open to love, for themselves, or for others. Others may need to learn how to protect themselves, to guard their hearts, or their homes, or their lives. Some may need to guard against wolves, others to run with them. These things are all magic.

There are many journeys possible, and nobody can tell you what yours is, or should be. But we can, perhaps, help you figure out what it might look like, and how you can start to take some steps along the road (or across that ocean, or up that tree...)

We offer classes, both online and in-person, and one on one work, discussion and advice. We do (and teach) divination, with tarot, ogham, runes, and other methods. There is no one formula, no set syllabus, though there are core classes and special topics that many people find are valuable, and any of them can be a life's work. Elements of Magic, far from being a "beginner" course, is at the root of all magical work. Anyone who thinks they are "done with Elements," probably needs to go do more work there. The Iron Pentacle is a life-changing tool and a practice that only gets deeper and stronger the more you do it. Pearl Pentacle teaches us how to live authentically in community, and Rites of Passage helps to navigate and understand the transitions and passages we all make in life.

If the mystery is calling to you, we challenge you to take the Fool's Leap, step into the woods, and see where it leads.

Many paths lead to the heart of the World Tree


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If you have any questions about our programs or classes, please feel free to contact us via Facebook, or directly to our email address: info@worldtreelyceum.org