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"...the ancient precept, 'Know thyself,' and the modern precept, 'Study nature,' become at last one maxim." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson


The teachers of World Tree Lyceum do have other loves besides teaching. Among them are crafting beautiful and useful handmade magical tools, which can be found at the Mythospheria and Greenwoman Crafts shops, and creating art, especially nature photography. All of the images on this website were taken by Raven and Chelidon -- we have an online gallery and shop at Mythosphere.com, and if you see any pictures on the site you'd like to purchase for prints, cards or other uses, contact us and we'll make the arrangements.


Allies -- In what we do, we are never alone

There are always allies in this work, seen and unseen, known and unknown. Here are a few of ours:

Some of our magical work, and the teaching of the Reclaiming Core Classes, comes from the Reclaiming Tradition of magic, founded in San Francisco in 1980. The best-known member of Reclaiming is Starhawk, author of the classic book The Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess

One of the teachers, mentors and co-teachers of Chelidon and Claudia, Katrina Messenger, created the DC-based Reflections Mystery School, one of the finest magical schools in existence.

T. Thorn Coyle, writer, dedicated social activist & teacher has taught and mentored all three of our faculty members. She is one of the directors and the founder of Solar Cross Temple and its associated MorningStar Mystery School

Pandora O'Mallory (aka Anne Brannen) is one of our favorite teachers, has taught in Reclaiming since 1981, as well as having been a professor of medieval literature, and offers amazing online classes

Chelidon and Raven are founding members of the Heart of the Witch, a Europe-based teaching guild, whose members offer training in a number of magical and earth-centered traditions, including Reclaiming and Feri (website / Facebook)

Chelidon and Claudia were two of the long-term mentors for the New England-based Reclaiming Teachers in Training and Service (RTITS) group, a 10-year peer-led group dedicated to training magical teachers. RTITS is currenly on a hiatus, but the Facebook page is active.

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