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Welcome to our school -- the work of our hands, hearts, minds and souls, but most of all, our love.

The core teachers of the World Tree Lyceum have been studying and teaching magickal topics for a combined total of seventy-odd years (and yes, they were indeed odd years), across a wide range of diverse traditions and practices.

We've been online for a long time -- Chelidon was one the authors of the Pagan Digest FAQ on Usenet, back in the dim dark dial-up ages of the dawn of the internet, and was an early pioneer of online ritual and distributed long-distance collaborative magical work. Raven Edgewalker has been successfully teaching magical classes online for more than seven years to hundreds of students worldwide. Claudia Manifest is a master of the online "fireside chat," and can connect to people across thousands of miles better than most folks do face to face.

We offer a wide range of magical courses and workshops, some limited to initiates or students of specific traditions (such as Anderson Feri), but most open to all. We provide individual and group training and counselling, both online and in-person, and teach in Europe/UK, North America, and Australia. We also have shops for our hand-crafted magical items and tools at Mythospheria and Greenwoman Crafts, Chelidon does freelance web design work (like this site) via Geomancy Consulting, and Chelidon and Raven are nature photographers, with all of the pictures on this site coming from their portfolio of work.

Classes and workshops (both online and in-person) have included magical writing and storytelling, ogham, tarot, sigilization, trickster magic, mythic work, ritual theatre, energetic and trance drumming, hedge witchery, shapeshifting, time magic, aspecting, magical and medicinal herbalism, voice work, chant-writing, sacred geometry, sex-magic, ritual music-making, kitchen witchery, magical ethics, spellcrafting and magical art, and many others.

Classes currently scheduled are listed on our calendar, but if you are interested in others not listed, or in scheduling an offered class at another time, or if you would like individual mentorship or divination, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to discuss the possibilities for either online or in-person work.

Warm hearth, and joyful journeys,


Raven Edgewalker       Chelidon Silvertongue       Claudia Manifest

Chelidon Silvertongue


Chelidon is a passionate lover of the bardic arts, including the skills of word, rhythm, story and song, and he holds deeply sacred the creation of time and space for the infinite diversity of truths to be shared.  He believes that we each carry and live unique tales -- in sharing our stories through drum, voice, ritual, music, or other Art, we listen and learn from our ancestors, and add our delicious richness to the Great Tale of which we are all a part. There is no audience in life...

He is a sometime heretical trickster, and an acolyte of the power of paradox and the wisdom of cunning foolishness, and his other loves include history and mythology, herbalism, brewing and alchemy, and art crafted with trees, cameras, metal, stone, words, chocolate or pixels. He will often be found geeking enthusiastically about most anything across the range of myth and magic, science and technology.

Much of his creative inspiration comes from the ferocious, delicious and lascivious beauty of nature, especially the wild woods of New Hampshire, where he lives in intentional community with much-beloved family, on deeply magical land they delight in sharing with others for workshops, classes and camps.  Chelidon has been teaching magic in the Reclaiming tradition at Witchcamps and many other events for more than twenty years, and pulls his own spiritual and magical craft from a long living chain of heritage, study and practice. Among his personal truths are that it’s all made of love (and crafted in Art), there is plenty of time, this is not a metaphor, and we are never alone in this mirthfully reverent seeking and yearning. God Herself invites us to "sing, feast, dance, make music and love" — and live in the ecstasy of spirit, and joy on earth. So mote it be.

Raven Edgewalker


Raven Edgewalker is a British Witch who dwells in the magical landscape of Somerset, close to Glastonbury in an old stone cottage with her large, hairy and devoted hound. She has an on-going, passionate love affair with trees, ecology and the natural world. She sees her work in the world as that of building connections, with self, with each other, with and within community, with the world, with deity and with seen and unseen beings. Raven has spent many years walking the land, listening to the songs, stories and poems that it has to offer, deepening her own connection with this glorious earth and learning how to guide others to open to deeper connections of their own.

She has been working, studying and teaching magic in both the Anderson Feri and Reclaiming traditions for many years and is an initiate in both traditions.  One of her passions is to travel and she is delighted to be able to combine this with another - her passion for teaching: She loves to travel and has taught courses, classes and Witchcamps internationally including in the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Israel and Australia as well as online classes from wherever she happens to have traveled to with her laptop, and plans and hopes to make many further trips as well as offering teaching closer to home.

 Raven is a self-employed artist and crafts-person - she is often to be found in the workshop, covered in sawdust and twigs while making ogham staves, runes, wands and other such delights, in the studio with wire and stones and beads creating jewelry or hunched over her sewing machine. She is a professional ogham reader, writer and poet and general jack-of-all-trades as the need takes her.

Claudia Manifest


Claudia is an American Witch living in the wilds of the State of New Hampshire surrounding by thousands of wooded acres with her husband Chelidon, two boys 16 and 6 and a large hell beast of a dog. Her personal magics are those of Time and Tarot; Healing and Hospitality. Her favorite magical tools are the Iron Pentacle, her drums, and her bread bowl. She is equally passionate about: leading deep personal trance work in small circles, cooking magical organic feasts for 20, hiking alone or with Chelidon and the boys for days in the woods and wild; imaginative play with her youngest son, and dancing, howling, and drumming to the moon all night with 200 other crazy Pagans. When not at home, in ritual, or in the woods, she works full time as a Speech and Language Pathologist in the Intensive Care, Neuro Special Care, Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care units of a large teaching hospital with patients suffering primarily from brain injury, stroke, and critically-ill, premature and developmentally delayed infants. Integrating her magical ethics, beliefs, and practice in a non-invasive way into her work with the critically ill and dying patients and their families is her favorite, most challenging, and most rewarding aspect of her day job. Claudia considers herself a Priestess of Time.

Claudia has been working, studying and teaching in the Reclaiming tradition for over 20 years and is an initiate of that tradition. Teaching experience includes many years of Witch Camp teaching, teaching day-long, weekend, and week long magical retreats and events, leading one hour to one day classes at various Pagan festivals and events, leading 6- to 12-week evening core Reclaiming and personally-developed classes, and 1:1 teaching and healing. She loves ritual planning and execution and has been a part in creating hundreds of rituals from the small and personal to very, very large and open, both in and out of the Reclaiming tradition, over the last 22 years. Claudia is a longstanding member and mentor for RTITS, the New England-based Reclaiming Teachers In Training and Service.


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