Self-scheduled Classes:

Some classes offered by World Tree Lyceum are not scheduled for a specific spot in the year. Being respectful of Time, and trying to assure every student has a good experience, we unfortunately cannot always fit every class into each year while also offering new classes and material. We do have a few options to take our classes that are not formally scheduled.

First, we can sometimes schedule a new class for an existing group of eight or more students. If you can find eight people who are interested in a class, contact us and we can discuss possible schedules and options.

Second, if we don't offer a class in a particular year, it's almost certain that we'll offer it in the following calendar year, so anything not scheduled in 2021 will very likely be listed for 2022.

Finally, we do have a self-scheduled option. We can sometimes make class materials available on an individual basis, but we cannot always guarantee a particular schedule, and it is intended to be more of a self-study model -- we have a very limited ability to engage and answer questions. We prefer to teach with small, interactive class groups, but if you have a strong need or desire to do the work yourself on a self-scheduled basis, we will try to work with you to make it happen.

If you are seeking a more individualized and intensive experience, we do offer a very limited number of one-on-one Reclaiming mentorship programs, special events and webinars, and discounted class packages, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Our self-scheduled classes for the curent calendar year are listed below.

Magical Spellcrafting

Magical Spellcrafting: making magic that works

Next class: self-scheduled (7 weeks)

Online - anywhere with internet access and the ability to download documents and play audio files

With Raven Edgewalker and Chelidon


So we do magic, and a core part of practical magical work is spellcrafting. But just what is a spell, and how does it work? How do you create and design effective and useful spells for yourself, or others? How does a spell differ from a prayer? What are the ethics of casting a spell for yourself, or for/on another?

These are some of the questions we will examine, discuss and explore during this class.  We will look at a variety of traditional, formal spellcrafting tools and techniques as well as hedge-witchery, folk-magic and intuitive methods. We will look at the ethics behind spellcrafting and the work that we need to do as magic-workers to give power and energy to our workings. We will explore different ideas and techniques behind some of the more commonly requested spell workings, including those of protection, banishing, and manifestation. We will provide classwork in the form of essays, links, audio files and of course practical, hands-on work, and will offer resources to help you continue to evolve your own spellworking practices after the class is ended. We will make spells, but we promise there will be no spelling tests…

This is both fundamental, and advanced work. There are no prerequisites for this workshop, and all levels of magical experience are welcome, from neophyte to experienced practitioner (or even long-time magical folks who just may never have delved deeply into this particular area, or who are curious to learn more) — we will tailor the work to your level and desires. 

Note: this is an online course, and anyone (regardless of gender, sex, sexuality or race) who has access to a computer, email and the ability to play audio files is welcome to participate. We are particularly hoping that this will allow those who find it difficult to attend an in-person class because of geography, schedule or budget to get access to this material.

Classwork (written materials and audio files) is sent out weekly, and work is at your own pace. We ask each participant to commit to checking into the group about the week’s work, but there is ample opportunity to “catch up,” so don’t worry if you will be traveling or unavailable for some part of the seven-week period. 

Price: sliding scale $95-$150 - decide where on the sliding scale you are, explanations are not required, and if the lower end of the scale is impossible for you, please contact us. If you are re-taking a class you've taken with us before, please deduct 50%.

If you are interested in this class, have any questions or need further information, please send an email to and we will be happy to discuss possible options. For more information about our self-scheduled options, please view the top of this page.



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